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Village au Pied-du-Courant

June Lineup

Live from the beach this coming June 🏖️

This June at Village au Pied-du-Courant, two "FESTIVE" Thursdays are on the program, the 23rd and 20th. Thursday, June 27 will be under the banner of "FIRE" evenings and will offer the opportunity to admire the sky light up and color to the rhythms of the Groovy and Chill collective! 🎆

On the program for "COLLÉ-COLLÉ" Fridays, Club Sagacité initiated by Moonshine will kick off the festivities on June 14. The glitter of Discorinho Extravaganza will follow on June 21, and the oriental energy of Laylit will be highlighted on June 28. 🕺

Finally, the upcoming Saturdays of the month will be decidedly "SUAVE," first alongside Flowkito on June 15. Frikiton will not hesitate to spice up Saturday the 22nd, and to liven up our local holidays as it should on Saturday the 29th! 🔥